I start out on this road, call it love or emptiness.
I only know what’s not here.

Resentment seeds, backscratching greed,
worrying about outcome, fear of people.

When a bird gets free,
it does not go back for remnants
left on the bottom of the cage.

Close by, I’m rain. Far off,
a cloud of fire. I seem restless,
but I am deeply at ease.

Branches tremble. The roots are still.
I am a universe in a handful of dirt,
whole when totally demolished.

Talk about choices does not apply to me.
While intelligence considers options,
I am somewhere lost in the wind.
~ Rumi

Ubaldini Maurizio

Ubaldini Maurizio

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With no mind, flowers lure the butterfly;
With no mind, the butterfly visits the blossoms.

Yet when flowers bloom, the butterfly comes;
When the butterfly comes, the flowers bloom.”

~Taigu Ryokan

The Self is not seen,
  for it has no visible form.

  Yet, when the mind becomes clear,
  And, the heart becomes pure
then the Self can be known.

  And those who know it …
enjoy Eternity…’

  - Katha Upanishad

Alan Watts — The State Of Nothing

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They will ask you
what have you produced.
Say to them,
except for Love,
what else can a Lover produce?


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Natural Mystic - Bob Marley

Coming alone,
Departing alone,
Both are delusion:
Let me teach you how
Not to come, not to go!

~ Ikkyū

Without opening your door,
you can open your heart to the world.
Without looking out your window,
you can see the essence of the Tao.

The more you know,
the less you understand.

The Master arrives without leaving,
sees the light without looking,
achieves without doing a thing.

Tao Te Ching verse 47

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